Koi And Lantern Shirt


This doodle-stitched onesie has that authentic Asian feel you can only get from Midwest white Americans. The paper lanterns on the sleeve suggest festivals, light, and celebration. It is the feeling you have when your new-born baby has finally gone to sleep, allowing you a few minutes of mindless Netflix Instant watching before you yourself flop into bed.

The Koi is a symbol of love and friendship in Japan (according to Wikipedia at least). Certainly, the wearer of this garb is loved. All who come in contact with such a special child can not help but be smitten. This shirt declares in iconography the truth of the world for a new child: celebration, dedication, and love.

The original design of this stiching comes from the wonderful Doodle Stitching Book . Pick up a copy at your local library today!

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