Mr. Blue Bison is the creative dumping ground for a couple of artistic wannabes - Jim & Bethany Vallandingham.

Jim & Bethany As Birds

The art we create is sporadic, varied, and of questionable value - but also spontaneous, wondrous, and special. Bethany's medium of choice typically involves a textile of some sort. Her sewing, stitching, and screen-printing projects leave their viewers breathless. When the air has returned to the room, it gets sucked right back out by Jim's prints and other sundries. Jim is a programmer by trade - for him, block and screen printing are a nice escape from the constant barrage of 1's and 0's we all face in this modern world. His work shows that his fingers' aptitude for pressing down on keys of a keyboard does not necessarily translate to artistic prowess.

Jim & Bethany & Child, For Reals This Time

Jim & Bethany used to have a formidable nest in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. For better or worse, we have taken wing to the far reaches of the Pacific Northwest.

We now reside in a small but cozy abode in Seattle, Washington. Come visit, and we will show you the sights of our new homeland.

Travel Migrations of the Vallandingham Family