Italy Print


Long, long ago we were an adventurous troop. Wandering the world in search of novel experiences and excitements. Perhaps some day we might return to our free-roaming ways, but until that time, we will have this print to remind us of where we’ve been.

Venice was the last stop of our six week European honeymoon – our Euromoon. Being an extremely talented trip planner, Bethany had us successfully touring six countries to celebrate our marriage. In Italy, we finally said good-bye to the great and varied continent we had called home for this short time. Venice was a fitting end to our trip. The most crowded place we visited, the most famous, and certainly one of the most unique.

This print depicts the view from one of the innumerable bridges you find yourself on in this watery city. Buildings rise from the sea on either side, maintaining their buoyancy through unknown but magical means. Gondola’s slowly skim through the canals, creating wavelets that cause the reflecting light to shimmer and sparkle off the surrounding windows. While tourist hustle and bustle all around, the canals show us the calm, serene, slow moving world of real Venice.

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