Boba Fett Print


The subject matter of this print comes from our first trip to New York City. Walking through an open-air market, the both Bethany and I suddenly and instantaneously came to the realization that a familiar tune was hanging in the air around us. Tracking this ethereal music back to its origin we came upon none other than Boba Fett. It was he who was serenading the small crowd with an accordion playing the theme music from one of our favorite movies of all time: Amélie .

Who knew such a dangerous and relentless galactical bounty hunter was also such a skilled instrumentalist? Not wanting to gawk and thus rile his temper, we quickly snapped a picture, put a dollar in his can, and continued on our way. Later on this picture was used as the starting material of our Bobba Fett with Accordion print. We’re just glad our witnessing of this special moment didn’t leave us frozen in carbonite.

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